Knowledge of the Buyer

The sale of your home can be controlled by three controlling factors:
  • Your home condition
  • It’s marketing strategy
  • Asking Price
It’s vital to observe a buyer is influenced by many other factors and one must recognize those patron developments when you play your part in the market. As far as your home matches these factors, you can remain competitive in the market. Thanks to your real estate agent who will advise you with strategies best used to market and position your home so that you overcome any harsh downsides that are perceived.
Home Size
History is evident that since the 1950s, home sizes have been drastically. But on the contrary, some buyers go for smaller homes in order to have peace and tranquillity at their homes. Home buyers are more attracted to smaller sized homes while some of them are usually empty nesters, first-time home buyers or people whose children are living abroad.
For the determination of your home appeal in front of the buyer, one of the most influential yet uncontrollable factors is the location. As the National Association of REALTORSĀ® says “Buyers choose specific homes because of their #1 neighborhood”. Another most crucial factor is the commutation time in schools or to work.
Comforts and Amenities
The real estate agent can help you with the selection of the hot list items that could increase your home appeal. As the home styles and design may be in or out-fashion, yet having a knowledgeable estate agent will you to improve your home appeal by forewarning and help you to decide where and what to invest.